29 May 2012

Not to jinx it...

... but I'm trying to get back into weekly blog updates.  This week's edition even comes with explanations!

Here are more layouts for a nonfiction book I'm pitching with a collaborator.  I usually don't include page roughs among the sample artwork and just instead provide finished sample pages, but in this case it's crucial that we show how I interpret her source material since there's notable tweaking and editing on my part.  It provides prospective publishers a better idea of our work dynamic since I'm more than just drawing from script.  I'll spill the beans on this project as soon as we start shopping it around.

These are more illustrations for a college writing guide published by Bedford/St. Martin's.  It's an enormous gig containing over 50 pieces ranging from tiny spots to section openers, and I'll continue to post excerpts as the book approaches completion.  This was a blast to work on, and the continual back 'n' forth with the editor, writer, and art directors was a truly collaborative experience.  A really great time, and hope to be doing more projects like this!

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