22 February 2010

"Let there be naked people."

Hells yeah: figure drawing's back in session!

14 February 2010


Y'know that feeling you get when you're really into whatever you're working on--like feeling totally awesome about it and super productive--and go to bed totally psyched about the work you accomplished that day only to wake up and look at said previous day's work with fresh eyes and realize it sucks? Thankfully, that finally didn't happen to me this morning:

This is the latest round of master palettes for the book's various sections--I think they'll stick to the wall this time. Happy Lunar New Year, everyone!

08 February 2010

Chuggin' along...

... and my days are blurring into one endless work session. Spent the last couple weeks hand-lettering the entire book and refining the b/w washes in preparation for coloring:

The theory goes that the better lookin' the tonal stage is, the easier the coloring stage will be. I'm approaching the two year anniversary of signing the contract on this project, so working diligently to give myself a huge reason to celebrate--i.e. finishing the book!