29 March 2010

The end of an era.

After 40+ years, SVA's weekly public figure session is ending. The man whose been running it since before I was even born is stepping down and apparently no one will be taking his place. Thankfully, there's a glut of other options here in NYC so time to branch out and find some new naked people. Until then, here are my final SVA sketches:

22 March 2010

15 March 2010

Almost there...

After two nonstop years, I'm finally easing my foot off the gas pedal. Just finishing up odds and ends and buff 'n' polish on the book while waiting for my editor's comments. Popping into neutral to cross the finish line with my sanity still intact.

Here are some sample spreads, two of which relate to earlier posts for any of you interested in the before 'n' after comparison:

Long overdue was some quality time with my wife in Costa Rica this past week--our first couple's vacation since our honeymoon in 2008. Needless to say, she's been very supportive and phenomenally patient with me working on VIETNAMERICA these past two years. Lost our camera in mid-trip, so all I got to show for it is this doodle: