30 September 2010

News from all fronts...

On the illustration front, thanks to SN&R's Don Button for the cover quickie (it's easy when the AD already has a specific idea--"American Gothic" anyone?) even though it was canned at the last minute in favor of a photograph:

On the book front, enormous thanks to Library Journal's Martha Cornog for including VIETNAMERICA as one of January's releases to keep an eye out for:

"His excellent color art suggests the European style of Joann Sfar. This could make the top nonfiction GNs of 2011 lists and become a worthy addition to the growing roster of quality war-themed comics."

The first and probably last time my work will be mentioned in the same breath as Dan Clowes.

25 September 2010

23 September 2010

This is Liz Goodyear who passed away on the evening of the 23rd. The no-nonsense outlook and wisdom she shared with those around her will resonate years beyond her youthful age of 103. I know they'll certainly last the rest of my lifetime. True to the life she lived, she moved on in style: the night of a full moon on the autumnal equinox!

UPDATE: The NY Times' Sarah Kramer marks Liz's passing.

20 September 2010

Workin' it...

I've been busy with a mix of comics, illustrations, and apparel graphics this month. Everything seems to still be in their infancy phase so here are some sketchbook stuff to tide over any blog visitors:

For more distractions, check out my twitter account. At the request of my publisher, I've decided to give it a try for a couple months so go watch the train wreck slowly unfold.

14 September 2010

And the winners are... [drumroll]

Saturday #436 and Sunday #463. If you know what this is referring to AND have either of those in your possession, please contact me for your prize!

SPX was absolutely amazing--it just gets better and better every year! Huge thanks to everyone who swung by my table to chat, flip through the preview of VIETNAMERICA, and part with their hard-earned dollars.

07 September 2010

CON-slaught continues:

Next stop: SPX this weekend! For the past year I dialed back my convention schedule as I wrapped up VIETNAMERICA--a casualty of time and funds--so promotion for its upcoming release has been limited to events like SDCC this past July, and now SPX! I'll be at table B16 with some new goodies and raffling off full color copies of VIETNAMERICA four months before its release! One copy each day so c'mon by:

With just two shows in 2010, my schedule's significantly lighter than usual. It's a gradual ramp up to 2011 when I'll be hawking my book at every con, festival, craft mart, swap meet, PTA meeting, etc. under the sun.