28 October 2010

The in-between place.

Work's been odd these past few weeks, a combination of nervously waiting for VIETNAMERICA to come out, scrambling to get other projects off the ground, and stabilizing the freelance situation. Amid these waves of change, still relaxing with some public figure drawing sessions:

Also, thanks to ICV2 for picking VIETNAMERICA as their #1 fiction and reality book for first quarter 2011!

And for the locals, tonight in Williamsburg is the gallery opening for a person I've known far too long:

Joanna's imagination and artistry have been blowing my mind for over 15 years, and I'm psyched the masses are finally gonna get a taste of it:

20 October 2010

One step closer to the finish line!

I recently approved VIETNAMERICA's final round of color proofs so it's being printed right now in a distant land. I'm told I might have copies by December so some of you regular blog-visitors might be getting an extra gift this holiday season. Now that there's no turning back, I've permanently added its Amazon link to the right since all the book details are accurately listed.

Speaking of comics on the horizon, cartoonist friend Sarah Glidden of the upcoming journalistic graphic memoir HOW TO UNDERSTAND ISRAEL IN 60 DAYS has started a Kickstarter campaign for her next project:

Considering the funds she's already raised, I think she'll easily meet her modest goal by the deadline. Nonetheless, if you value stories like Sarah's as much as I do, please consider showing your support!

13 October 2010

2010: Three shows down, one to go!

Being part of NYCC Artist Alley last weekend confirmed how much I love exhibiting at all types of shows. Whether it's TCAF or SDCC, SPX or NYCC, I always have an awesome time, visit with old friends, make new ones, and revel in the grand inclusiveness that comes from our shared and diverse love of comics. So next stop is November's Kingcon (more details soon), and here's the art sans type for my first ever show poster:

Other than the requirement that the Brooklyn Lyceum building be featured (it's where Kingcon takes place), I had complete creative freedom and was honored to contribute and support this show's sophomore outing in the borough I've called home for 10+ years.

06 October 2010

"Can I bring a sword?"

After the personable, relaxed, DIY cartoonist experience of SPX last month, this weekend is the enormous celebration of all things geek, comics bonanza of NYCC! I'll be tucked in Artist Alley (Hall E, table S15) doing my thing and like at SPX, be raffling off full color copies of VIETNAMERICA three months before its release so don't be a stranger. FYI: this post's title is taken straight from their FAQ page so you better be ready to represent.