26 June 2012

Channeling my fanboy:

Here's a recent comic-tastic mash-up private commission... for a couple's wedding anniversary?! These are always extra fun when they're for such a very unique and intimate purpose.  Sketch > ink > tones:

18 June 2012

Artwork coming to a college/university near you?

Huge, incredible news with VIETNAMERICA:  Davidson College has chosen it as this Fall's new student orientation common reading book! It's the first comic selected as their common reads in the program's 20 year history!

"Davidson College is devoted to the life of the mind and the development of the whole person. We believe that one of the best ways to begin your journey here is to read a common book, discuss it during orientation, and apply what you learn to your life at Davidson. We are excited to announce that the common reading selection for New Student Orientation 2012 is Vietnamerica: A Family's Journey by G.B. Tran."

To all the freshman who will be reading, taking notes, and discussing my little graphic memoir:  I'm REALLY REALLY REALLY sorry the pages aren't numbered!

While on the topic of higher education, here's one last peek at illustrations for the upcoming Bedford/St. Martin's college-level writing guide I've been previewing:

The textbook contains plenty more artwork, but best to save the rest for when it's on campus bookstore shelves.

11 June 2012

New studio = new work

Here are more pieces from the college textbook project mentioned earlier:

Continuing my studio hopping ways, June begins a summer stint in awesome animator Kneeon's space. Perks include being located a stone's throw from home and SNES lounge with ZOMBIES ATE MY NEIGHBORS (but no tv... so cruel!):

Less work commute = more quality time with these lovely ladies:

04 June 2012

Zombies LOVE Vietnamese food!

Here's a recent piece for the next Secret Identities anthology for Bao Phi's story about two freedom fighters in a post-apocalyptic zombie world. Between dismembering the undead and liberating labor camp prisoners, they dream of the perfect bowl of pho. Truly a tale after my own heart. Sketch > ink > tones: