31 May 2009

Squeezing in as many naked people as possible.

A couple last pages from SVA's figure drawing before it went on summer hiatus.

24 May 2009

I heart MoCCA

In two weekends my favorite show of the year hits: MoCCA! This June marks its relocation to a new, bigger space and is a must-attend for every cartoonist and enjoyer-of-comics within commute of NYC. In addition to my usual wares, I'll have a new mini collecting the "best" of my morning illos. Sorry for not making something more substantial, but all my energy is going into keeping VIETNAMERICA on schedule. Once again, I'll be sharing a table with this magnificent bastard.

15 May 2009

Inking is like a runaway train and I'm strapped to the tracks.

Left pile: pages to be inked. Right pile: pages inked. Almost halfway there!

12 May 2009

Commercial Break

Congrats to cartoonist pal Neil Swaab on finishing his THIRD Rehabilitating Mr. Wiggles comic strip collection! With this volume, he's returning to self-publishing and doing it all on his own so check it out. It'll be available through Amazon and stores July 1st, but order a copy direct from Neil now and help free up some space in his studio. As you can see, the claustrophobia is driving him iiinnnsssaaannneee!!!

07 May 2009

The best $8 I spend on a weekly basis.

More sketchbook pages from SVA's figure drawing.