26 October 2009

"No sleep till..."

In a couple weekends is the premier of Brooklyn's own comic-con: KingCon! I'll be exhibiting with veteran titans of tabling Joanna Mulder and Jamie Tanner so if you've dreamed of a con season that just won't end, swing by and check out the November 7-8th show.

17 October 2009

VIETNAMERICA: Now in glorious technicolor!

My book's entered the homestretch:

Color palettes will probably change a billion more times between now and the deadline--so goes the curse/joy/ease/impermanence of doing it digitally. Hoping I won't obsessively overwork it into total crap.

11 October 2009

Guess what's back in session?

Wednesday nights are awesome again:

03 October 2009

Everybody loves a wedding!

Congratulations Tricia and Josh--you guys rock! Please don't tell my publisher I took a break from VIETNAMERICA to illustrate your ketubah.