22 November 2008

P'shop plug-in flattening Holy Grail:

If you're an illustrator and understand the first three words of that title, then you MUST download this. Coloring VIETNAMERICA's 300 pages just got a whole lot faster.

13 November 2008

I'm not a Morning person.

I begin my work day with email. Often images come easier than actual sentences which result in these spontaneous, lightning fast doodles. Horribly drawn and of questionable taste, they kick-start my day with a laugh (my low standards a testament to how groggy I am in the morning). A week of October high/lowlights:

07 November 2008

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man

One of the most enjoyable aspects of working on VIETNAMERICA is rummaging through old family pics and discovering the most hilarious shit:

01 November 2008

Southeast Asia knows how to party.

In stores Wednesday is cartoonist Sonny Liew's anthology LIQUID CITY. You may recognize him from his Eisner-nom'd and Xeric winning work for DC, SLG, Image, Villard, and :01 but did you know he could also be a whip-cracking editor adeptly guiding a herd of artists towards a communal deadline?

Newsarama interviews Sonny about his editorial debut here, and visit the book's site for all the glorious deets (including ongoing contests for gorgeous original art!). I was suppose to contribute a story but VIETNAMERICA became all consuming, so now my efforts take the form of pimping my friend's brand spankin' new 312 page baby. Congratulations, Sonny!