31 May 2010

GB Tran version 2.0!

Been quiet with the posts these past couple weeks because I've been sweating over my site's relaunch. I gave myself the month of May to learn xhtml so this last week was down to the wire, and without further ado, I present the new gbtran.com! There's loads of new stuff to look at including VIETNAMERICA preview spreads, illustration work, and several full comics to read.

I'll be adding new features over the next few weeks as I learn more coding--including the new weekly comic mentioned in the previous post--but wanted to get this up now before I throw it all in the trash in a fit of art rage and start over from scratch. If you notice any bugs, please lemme know (especially all you PC users)!

18 May 2010

Impending new website.

It's been a month since I finished VIETNAMERICA, and I've spent the time tending to much neglected endeavors. Main priority: redoing my website! Still clumsily stumbling my way through xhtml, but for now here's a simple revamp of my apparel graphics page--essential in sustaining my livelihood as a freelancer.

Also working on two new projects: here's the plotting stage of comic project #1 which I'll be serializing on my website when it relaunches:

And I'm refining comic project #2's proposal, another non-fiction book that--for reasons which will become clear--still requires a lot of factors to fall into place before I start talking about it publicly. Hopefully it'll find a publisher and can be announced sooner rather than later!

11 May 2010

"Figure Drawing III: The Search for Spots"

Still looking for the perfect weekly figure drawing spot. Here are some pages from the Triskelion session in my hood:

And on a random note, evidently one of my comic spreads from the POSTCARDS anthology is hanging on the wall at Locust Moon, a comic shop that just opened in Philadelphia. I'd link them, but no website as of yet; instead, I'll just thank Jason Rodriguez for the pic!

04 May 2010

Back in Brooklyn.

Spent the past few days in Evansville, Indiana for a small family gathering on my wife's side. Between the exquisite BBQ and Chikfila I doodled a bit, including some absolutely beautiful old homes (the kind that come with spooky ghost stories):

I didn't get to watercoloring these since the back half of the trip was filled with violent storms, tornado sirens, and a food coma. Good times.