22 June 2010

Website easter egg:

Heeding the advice from artists far more experienced at online presentation than myself, one of the things left on my new site's editing room floor was the sketchbook section:

The continual struggle with my portfolio is how much to show and how much not to show; that is, at what point does the amount of work stop distinguishing your voice and start diluting it. For me, having a comics, illustration, AND apparel graphics section is dangerously teetering on the latter so for now my life-drawing/travel sketchbook will stick to the blog.

15 June 2010

The naked city never sleeps.

It's awesome to live in a city that offers figure drawing virtually any night of the week. Pages from the Salmagundi Club and Triskelion:

08 June 2010

Emergency Back-Up Career #27: Professional Arm Modeling

I and some friends recently helped John Palvus on a spot for NPR's new Android news app:

I'm the arms attached to the green plaid shirt during the flurry of hands sequence. It was a fun group of artists who volunteered their Saturday afternoon to help out and, yes, I totally used this as a substitute for pledging during their recent spring drive.

Wanna know who all these great artists are? Check out John's comprehensive behind the scenes post.