16 April 2008

Here comes more of that "outside work" riff raff...

For over six years, I supported my comics pursuit with apparel illustration and graphics. VIETNAMERICA marked a departure from that, but I still occasionally return for a dip in that pond. It's refreshing to exercise that part of my brain's left hemisphere but I'm perplexed why the aesthetic gap between that and my illustration/comic work isn't smaller.

10 April 2008

My coolest tax deduction ever

My 2008 con season kicks off next weekend with the New York Comiccon, April 18-20th. I'll have the usual assortment of comics, anthos, prints, mini, buttons, etc. available so cruise by and gimme a shout at Artist Alley table K22:

I'll also be exhibiting at June's MoCCA, July's San Diego Comiccon, and October's SPX so will post more details as the respective show dates near.

01 April 2008

Well, that didn't take long...

... that is, for work outside of my project to creep into this blog. In this case, an illo for Colorlines Magazine May/June issue: