27 March 2009

Let the carnage commence:

Holy. Crap. After 11 weeks, VIETNAMERICA is penciled and ready for the next stage. I was actually shooting to finish the blues a couple weeks ago but forgot that I had saved the most labor intensive pages for last (i.e. all the double page spreads). This blog began last March so its one year anniversary is auspiciously marked--figuratively and literally--with inks!

16 March 2009

Get your nudity on.

Pages from the last few public life-drawing sessions held weekly at SVA. It's the only time each week I can completely detach my mind from VIETNAMERICA and just enjoy drawing for drawing's sake. 10"x8" sketchbook with Pentel pocket brush pen:

Also, thanks to Dallas Middaugh for inviting me to speak with his NYU Publishing Graphic Novels class last week. I think my diabolical plan was successful: filling the diverse and enthusiastic audience with enough horrible advice as to sabotage them as future competition.

10 March 2009

My much more talented, responsible, and successful doppelganger:

No surprise that I find myself more attuned to the work of fellow Vietnamese artists these days, especially if they're cartoonists. My family's war refugee story isn't unique, and Dustin's Nguyen's beautiful one-pager proves it:

You may recognize him as comics mainstay currently rockin' BATMAN.