21 July 2009

Go towards the light.

After inking VIETNAMERICA for four months straight, I finally see the light at the end of the 300-page tunnel. I'm running on fumes, but sheer momentum will help me finish these inks... that, and growing terror as the book's deadline hurtles at me faster and faster.

15 July 2009

Remember when comics were FUN?

Y'know, when you could enjoy a single issue cover-to-cover without the constraints of a convoluted epic crossover event spanning multiple titles... or a depressing 300-page generational memoir about a family's war survival (*cough* *cough*)? Fred Chao sure does remember, and lucky for us Adhouse has collected his series JOHNNY HIRO so everyone who missed this kick-ass comic romp the first time now has a second chance. That calls for a celebration:

08 July 2009

My colon needs a vacation.

That's what happens when you spend six days in Chicago over a July 4th weekend that included Peruvian wedding cuisine and my wife's extended Italian family's cooking.

My sketchbook output was cut short by all the blood rushing to my stomach, but I'm slowly regaining sensation in my appendages so it's back to inking VIETNAMERICA!

01 July 2009

NYC Zinefest's maiden voyage

It ROCKED! The staff put together a fantastic show in an intimate, unique venue with eclectic exhibitors. A great balance of zines, minis, artist books, and all the rest of the cool stuff that make local shows like this awesome and me proud to call NYC home. Picture yoinked from the Zinefest's Flickr stream: