23 February 2009

T-minus 54 pages and counting...

WOOHOO!!! With any luck, I'll finish the blues these next couple weeks while back in my old Arizona stomping grounds... cuz nothin' helps a visit with family fly by faster than hiding in the guest room and drawing your ass off.

This is the cover of my VIETNAMERICA sketchbook. The to-do list is never in shortage:

17 February 2009

Totally. Friggin'. Awesome.

When all's said and done, VIETNAMERICA will be the longest comic I've worked on. Until then, that record is held by this:

Not only did this gem run 4.5 issues, look at the turnaround time! Each full throttle, color, action packed, emotionally layered, 22 page installment only took about one month to complete!

I hit my prime at age 10 and it's been downhill ever since.

09 February 2009

Next stop: MoCCA!

With NYCC in the can, I'm holing up in the apartment to plow through VIETNAMERICA's pencils. Trying to be extra productive since I've got the place to myself for a bit while the wife's away "working hard" at her "job". [Shakes fist towards sky; curses gods.]

Here're more morning email cartoons (their crappy origin explained here) to appease anyone visiting this blog hoping for actual illustrations from me. For now, this is the closest thing I got to "finished" art. To be remedied soonish...

03 February 2009

Only 217 more pages to go!

It has begun:

That page stack is about 1/3 of the book's blue pencils. The project I've been dreaming of for the last several years finally takes its' first steps to being fully illustrated.

And for everyone within commute of NYC this weekend, don't forget: NYCC!