28 September 2009

Farewell SPX. I barely knew ye...

This weekend was phenomenal: an avalanche of awesome new comics, tremendous attendance and foot traffic, silky smooth show organization, and--most importantly--a deluge of great cartoonists and good peeps.

During the weekend, I won a Nerdlinger trophy, a tongue-in-cheek ceremony to honor cartoonists that aren't regulars on those other fancy-pants comic award ballots. Ironically, the Nerdlinger's co-creator/host Liz Baillie also mc'd Saturday's Ignatz Awards, one of said "other fancy-pants comic award" thingies.

SPX was truly spectacular, yet the highlight for me wasn't even part of the show--it was the roadtrip. If you ever have the opportunity to spend 9+ hours in a car with Mr. Phil, Charlito, Fred Chao, and Neil Swaab, pack vicodine because the laughter will pummel every part of your body into excruciating pain.

22 September 2009


I'm still coming to grips with missing SDCC this summer, so super psyched to be exhibiting at this weekend's SPX! Neil Swaab and I will be rockin' out at table C15 so swing by:

And for anyone interested in a sneak peak and knows the secret password, I'll have a preview of the other 298 pages that go with these two:

17 September 2009

"Cartoonist Liberation Fund"

I love comics. I REALLY love Jamie Tanner's comics. Join me in support of him bringing his next graphic novel to fruition. A simple donation gets you goodies and a front row seat to all the thrills 'n' chills of making a comic minus the agonizing self-doubt, financial loss, and bouts of depression!

12 September 2009

If you think these are as awesome as I do...

... then grab your credit card and run--don't walk!--to my friend Joanna's Etsy shop.

04 September 2009

Back from summer vacation!

And by "summer vacation", I mean busting ass on VIETNAMERICA night and day for the past month and a half, my callous right hand mangled into an inking claw. Being so focused (i.e. a tad stressed out) was the reason for my posting absence, but relative balance has been restored to my life so now back to the bloggin'.

Left pile: Inks finished. Right pile: Unfortunate hold-outs that my editor will have to pry from my cold, dead hands.