20 June 2008

20 June 2008

This is Angela Pancrazio, a Pulitzer prize winning photo journalist and my fiancee's aunt. She passed away early this morning from brain cancer at the age of 51. She lives on through her phenomenal body of work, family, and friends.

Holy Crap! Part II

Following its Eisner nom, POSTCARDS has also been nominated for two 2008 Harvey's: Best Anthology and Excellence in Presentation. Suh-weeeeet!

12 June 2008

"Dear editor, is this acceptable 'final' art?"

This is an enormous milestone for me but unintelligible scribblings for everybody else: VIETNAMERICA completely roughed out, first draft, 12 chapters, 256 pages. I'm gonna go celebrate now... with getting back to work.

02 June 2008

Another reason why NYC raaawwwkkksss

This weekend's my favorite con/festival of them all: MoCCA! Despite popular belief, it's not because it's in my backyard... well... let's just say that doesn't hurt. Don't blink on your way in our you'll miss me at table B2: