27 June 2011

To every NYC high school teacher...

... who won't already be on a tropical beach recovering from their latest school year, this Thursday is Random House's 3rd Annual Author Event for NYC Educators! I'm honored to be one of four presenting authors—and the only cartoonist—given this amazing opportunity to speak directly with you about VIETNAMERICA, and its classroom possibilities. The other authors (and I'm shaking with nervousness as I type this) will be Neal Bascomb, Monique Truong, and John Prendergast.

This is the second RH high school event I've participated in since my last post, with the first being the graphic novel presenter for their Creative Writing Competition's award ceremony. This is an annual competition for NYC seniors with the three awardees in poetry/spoken word, fiction/drama, personal essay/memoir, and graphic novel receiving $2500, $5000, and $10,000. It's a wonderful program to help support young creatives, and I encourage every local soon-to-be senior that enjoys writing to participate next year!

In the latest VIETNAMERICA news, Amazon's selected it as one of its top Summer Reading for Adults—only one of two comics/graphic novels to make the list! That's an awesome boost as it hits the road again in July. First stop in a couple weeks will be workshops at the Catalyst Foundation's Culture Camp in upstate New York.

And now some recent figure drawings to fulfill the visual component of this post...

05 June 2011

Going's on

Seems the freezing, rainy embrace of winter just transitioned straight into the sweltering, wet blanket summer in lovely Brooklyn so I'll just stay inside and keep working. Here're roughs for a 28-page collaborative comic that I'm doing full color art for:

It's for the government, so I'd tell you more about it but then I'd have to kill you. Also screened the first batch of those Mudhra tees from a while back:

Currently available at Manhattan's Kula Yoga. Any retailers interested in carrying, please feel free to gimme a shout.

Lastly, thanks to Laurie Gaughran of Humanities Prep for having me in for an artist visit with her ethics classes last week! It was quite eye-opening to spend a couple hours with such intelligent and thoughtful students, and has helped inspire me to put together a lesson plan for VIETNAMERICA just in time for Random House's upcoming NYC Educators Event of which I'll be one of the four featured authors.