22 August 2008

Gone fishin'.

There'll be total blog silence until late September on accounts of my nuptials next week and resulting honeymoon. If three weeks in Bali don't make me go bamboo, I should have a buncha sketchbook stuff to post upon my return. Until then, here's another illo for the next issue of Colorlines.

12 August 2008

My spot in comic's pantheon is sealed for all eternity!

While livin' up the Comiccon high life in San Diego, I asked Fred Van Lente—fellow Brooklyner and writer of Marvel Adventures IRONMAN and many other rip-roarin' comics—why his doomed doc and I share the same first name: "I needed someone Vietnamese and yours was the only one I could spell." Yeeesss!!!

07 August 2008

SDCC: I hardly knew ye.

Over a week's past since the mecca of geek pop culture celebration, and I'm still recovering. This perfect summary of trying to be noticed on the gargantuan convention floor is brought to you by Tammy Stellanova, fellow comic self-publisher and goldfish cracker-providing small press neighbor: