12 October 2011

Con-mageddon: NYC style

For the next four days, I'll be parked at New York Comic Con's Artist Alley soaking in the glory of VIETNAMERICA's final 2012 con/fest/show. So if you have a sherpa, oxygen mask, and high tolerance for costumed crowds, trek over to table R6 and say hi:

I apologize now if I seem a bit rattled at the show. Suddenly throwing myself into a comics and popculture thunder dome with 100,000 other fans is a huge contrast to how I spent the previous week in Arizona where this was my office:

And here's the final version of that illustration from the last post. It's for OC Weekly's "BEST OF..." issue, out this week, in which each section was paired with a video game theme. I had a blast channeling my long dormant inner gamer doing the nightlife section with some vintage NES action. (Full disclosure: my roots are with Sega)

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