24 September 2011

Two fantastic events this upcoming week:

First, I'll be flying down to Davidson College in Davidson, North Carolina for a whirlwind three-day VIETNAMERICA residency! It includes class visits, a salon for Davidson College Friends of the Arts, and a free and open to the public talk on Tuesday 27th. I'm honored and excited for this amazing opportunity so if you're in the hood, please considering joining us—all the relevant deets here. I haven't been back to the Carolina's since leaving in 1988, so I'm incredibly grateful to be returning to my roots with VIETNAMERICA, figuratively and literally!

Second, on Wednesday 28th I'll be at Brooklyn's Greenlight Bookstore for a discussion with NY Times bestselling author Monique Truong to celebrate her paperback release of BITTER IN THE MOUTH. Since I'll have just returned from her home state North Carolina—also where her novel is set—my questions will be extra heavy on the gravy and deep fried goodness. If you'd like to meet an amazing author who was raised Vietnamese in the south and honed in Brooklyn (referring to Monique, not myself), c'mon out and join the party. It'll be her only local appearance before kicking off her Left Coast tour, and as an extra bonus: she's baking cookies!

And when I get back, I'll post the finished version of this sucker:


Gloria said...

Hi GB,

I heard your talk at Davidson was amazing. I was so upset that I missed it. I am a student there, and I was greatly looking forward to the event, but I unfortunately wrote down the wrong day. I walked into the Union just as the event ended. Do you think you will be in the area in the future?

GB Tran said...

Bummer, Gloria! I had a phenomenal visit at Davidson, and sorry you missed it. Your community was incredibly welcoming, kind, and engaging and I hope to be invited back (I think some people are pushing for VIETNAMERICA as a common read for next year!).

Gloria said...

Oh really? I mentioned missing your talk to one of the Deans and she mentioned that VIETAMERICA might be the common read. I thought that she was just saying that to appease me, so that is great! I hope it is. I know that the students who have not read it will love it once given the opportunity. I am actually a first generation American as well. My family is Vietnamese and my mom's side resided in South Carolina once they moved to America as well. Their family name is also Tran. I am sure you get this a lot, but I couldn't help but notice the similarities. At any rate, the book is such an amazing stories for all audiences, and certainly eye-opening for me. I am glad you enjoyed Davidson and hope to see you there soon! I will try to do my personal best to make sure it happens!

GB Tran said...

Thanks for the support! Your Dean was definitely not joking, and I'm truly honored by their common read consideration for VIETNAMERICA. I'm really grateful for all the eclectic reader feedback on the book's themes resonating with them, regardless of their own family's background and experience. Keep our fingers crossed!