29 January 2010


I turned in the cover for VIETNAMERICA last week, so thought I'd post the process leading up to the final. It began with thumbnails scattered throughout sketchbooks and paper scraps... whatever I had on me at the time an idea struck:

After narrowing down those sketches, I refined a few concepts which were then submitted to my publisher:

And the winner was: [druuummmrrrooolll] none of the above! There was a seventh sketch that, when submitted, was unanimously agreed should be the cover so you'll see that when the book actually comes out. (Or for you industrious types, it'll be popping up somewhere on the interwebs soon enough.) Sorry to say, this cover was rejected by my editors pretty early in the brainstormin' process.

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denise, the prime magpie said...

Ah... the creative process, then the editorial process. It's good to have a different set of eyes on things.