10 June 2009

MoCCA aftermath

All the joys and horrors of last weekend's MoCCA have been extensively dissected, examined, and blogged by far more articulate and knowledgeable people then me. Despite its serious growing pains, I did hesitantly register for next year and am hopeful the major flaws of MoCCA's new venue are resolved before then.

So now it's back to work. Making comics can be pretty solitary so spending the weekend reconnecting with kindred spirits and having so many cartoonists ask about VIETNAMERICA's progress was really refreshing. It's a great feeling when other people who's work I respect and admire know what I'm working on and are anxious to read it. In fact, the demand for VIETNAMERICA has become so huge that I've decided to publish it with an ultra-rare collectible variant cover:

Courtesy of Neil Swaab having too much free time on his hands during MoCCA.

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