01 December 2009

Sooooo close yet sooooo far...

I'm getting re-focused and back to work after a lengthy holiday family reunion: "Tran-Giving", as it's known among my kin. 18 family members spanning three generations under one roof trying not to drive each other insane = fun.

While away my editor reacted to the latest draft and sounds like they're pretty happy with what they've got so far. I'm entering the 11th hour of what now has become a 20-month/300-page marathon so pep talks like hers are my crack cocaine. I'd show you the other 3/4's of the book washes but I should be actually working on it instead of setting up more screenshots.


Vee ! said...

Thanks for reminding me of how many relatives I'm going to have to see this Christmas.


Fred Chao said...

Holy f*ck damn--this is nuts and insanely beautiful. Can't wait.