21 December 2009

11-0: the perfect season!

SVA's public figure drawing just went on winter break and rumor has it it won't be returning which makes this extra poignant: after attending for over 8+ years, this was the first semester I made every session. I am officially now more disciplined then I ever was in college!

When I'm on my deathbed and my life flashes before my eyes, this crowning achievement will certainly be the main feature. Special thanks to fellow figure drawers Alex Meyer, Debra Ziss, Matt Fleck, Leland Purvis, and Tyler Chin-Tanner for helping keep my eye on the prize.


Leland Purvis said...

Hadn't known about the rumor it won't be returning. Not good news.

Congrats on 11-0. Your posts got me down there a couple of times this season.

denise, the prime magpie said...

Did you get a prize for your perfect attendance record?? ;)