17 July 2012

The end of an era.

After attending for over 15 years and exhibiting for the last 6, this year was my farewell for the foreseeable future to San Diego Comic-con. Actually, last year was suppose to be my final cross country pilgrimage, but having been nominated for a 2012 Eisner, I dug deep—into my wallet, that is—for one last hurrah and to be in the room as Jonathan Ross succinctly captured the heart of doing reality comics (pardon the super nervous shaky cam):

As a consolation prize to being an Eisner non-winner, I was flabbergasted to discover that VIETNAMERICA was one of two graphic novels being discussed on an academic comics theory panel:

I went as an audience member, but when the panelists noticed I was there, I suddenly wound up on stage as part of the discussion with Keegan LannonJade Hidle, and freakin' SCOTT McCLOUD?!

I reread UNDERSTANDING COMICS every time I start a new project, so to unexpectedly be talking with him about VIETNAMERICA was an honor I'll be carrying to my deathbed.

So one redeye flight later, I'm back in Brooklyn and excited to get back to work. To me, the Eisner ceremony simultaneously marked the end of a long, unpredictable, wondrous, journey with VIETNAMERICA as well as beginning its new life in college and university classrooms and all the exciting opportunities that that entails: I'll be back to Davidson in September, then the University of Oregon and Connecticut in October, with Stanford in January and hopefully who-knows-where next? All while devoting every waking moment to new comic projects, illustration gigs, and watching life unfold through the eyes of this squeaky lil' porpoise:


Keegan Lannon said...

Hey man, it was great to be on the panel with you. Me and my friends ran over to the Random House booth and bought copies of Vietnamerica on Sunday, hoping to catch you there for a signature. I'm looking forward to reading it soon.

Take care, and hopefully we'll meet again.

GB Tran said...

Thanks, Keegan! Your examination of text usage within the comics language was enlightening, and I haven't been able stop saying "taxonomy" every chance I get!

Jeff said...

Hey GB!

That was awesome that you got to present wit Scott McCloud! He literally wrote the book on comic books! I hope all is well, and please have a great time at my alma mater, UConn!

Herzog Zwei!


GB Tran said...

HZ4 LIFE, Jeff. Check this out!!!



Jeff said...

I've seen that, my students were playing it for awhile. As cool as it looks, it will never replace HZ!