07 September 2010

CON-slaught continues:

Next stop: SPX this weekend! For the past year I dialed back my convention schedule as I wrapped up VIETNAMERICA--a casualty of time and funds--so promotion for its upcoming release has been limited to events like SDCC this past July, and now SPX! I'll be at table B16 with some new goodies and raffling off full color copies of VIETNAMERICA four months before its release! One copy each day so c'mon by:

With just two shows in 2010, my schedule's significantly lighter than usual. It's a gradual ramp up to 2011 when I'll be hawking my book at every con, festival, craft mart, swap meet, PTA meeting, etc. under the sun.


lillian said...

happy birthday GB!


john and lil

GB Tran said...

Ha! Thanks, guys. Aside from spending it with my wife, I couldn't imagine a better way to celebrate!