22 June 2010

Website easter egg:

Heeding the advice from artists far more experienced at online presentation than myself, one of the things left on my new site's editing room floor was the sketchbook section:

The continual struggle with my portfolio is how much to show and how much not to show; that is, at what point does the amount of work stop distinguishing your voice and start diluting it. For me, having a comics, illustration, AND apparel graphics section is dangerously teetering on the latter so for now my life-drawing/travel sketchbook will stick to the blog.


Leland Purvis said...

I think this a really important question, bordering on philosophical. Ideally you want to put your best foot forward, but not belabor the point. And not have too much variety to keep them from having a solid sense of what they can expect. Subdividing stuff is a good idea.

GB Tran said...

Totally--and what complicates matters further is that I feel in comics, a cartoonist's experimentation is welcomed and regarded as growth while in illustration, deviation from a consistent and identifiable aesthetic works against you. I value how each teaches things that influence and improve the other, so hopefully can find a balance that allows me to work in both fields.