31 May 2010

GB Tran version 2.0!

Been quiet with the posts these past couple weeks because I've been sweating over my site's relaunch. I gave myself the month of May to learn xhtml so this last week was down to the wire, and without further ado, I present the new gbtran.com! There's loads of new stuff to look at including VIETNAMERICA preview spreads, illustration work, and several full comics to read.

I'll be adding new features over the next few weeks as I learn more coding--including the new weekly comic mentioned in the previous post--but wanted to get this up now before I throw it all in the trash in a fit of art rage and start over from scratch. If you notice any bugs, please lemme know (especially all you PC users)!

1 comment:

Unknown said...

The upgrade is fantastic. The next thing you know, the future You will be sending cyborgs from the future into the present to help do the coding and potentially stop a massive supercomputer from becoming self-aware. But till then, the new site looks faboo. Keep me posted on August!