28 September 2009

Farewell SPX. I barely knew ye...

This weekend was phenomenal: an avalanche of awesome new comics, tremendous attendance and foot traffic, silky smooth show organization, and--most importantly--a deluge of great cartoonists and good peeps.

During the weekend, I won a Nerdlinger trophy, a tongue-in-cheek ceremony to honor cartoonists that aren't regulars on those other fancy-pants comic award ballots. Ironically, the Nerdlinger's co-creator/host Liz Baillie also mc'd Saturday's Ignatz Awards, one of said "other fancy-pants comic award" thingies.

SPX was truly spectacular, yet the highlight for me wasn't even part of the show--it was the roadtrip. If you ever have the opportunity to spend 9+ hours in a car with Mr. Phil, Charlito, Fred Chao, and Neil Swaab, pack vicodine because the laughter will pummel every part of your body into excruciating pain.

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denise, the prime magpie said...

haha -- congrats! You don't need to be fancy. Just pantsy. And even then, pants are optional, as Brock often proves.