03 February 2009

Only 217 more pages to go!

It has begun:

That page stack is about 1/3 of the book's blue pencils. The project I've been dreaming of for the last several years finally takes its' first steps to being fully illustrated.

And for everyone within commute of NYC this weekend, don't forget: NYCC!


lillian chan said...

ooooh! Go GB Go!

Leland Purvis said...

Man, I would psych myself out, printing out 70 pages like that. I need to take it in small doses. 10-20 page batches. My longest book so far was 240 pages, so I can do epic, I just need to keep my head down and think about only what's in front of me. [*shiver*]

GB Tran said...

Hey Lillian, thanks for the support north of the Border!

Leland, hanging out with you and your crew I realized that this is the only way I could handle a book this big. I need that flexibility to bounce around and postpone that final mark until the project's last breath... i.e. my editor bashing down the door demanding artwork.

lillian chan said...

Canada supports your dreams GB.