26 September 2008

Bali says relax.

Still shaking the sand out of everything I packed after an awesome wedding and awesomer honeymoon. I'll post sketchbook stuff soon, but mainly wanted to say that I won't be exhibiting at next weekend's SPX due to an unquenchable desire to get back to work on VIETNAMERICA after a month off. I will be attending, though, so look forward to hobnobbing with kindred spirits one last time before we all go into a winter work hibernation.


Vee ! said...

I'm officially heartbroken that you won't be exhibiting at SPX.

Vee ! said...

However, congrats on an awesome wedding and honeymoon!

GB Tran said...

Thanks, Vy... it'll be strange not exhibiting but I'm really excited about attending just as a fanboy and having time to visit every table.

Try to spot the bald Vietnamese guy sporting a freakin' unnatural tan--the prize is free comics.