04 October 2012

R.I.P. gbtran.blogspot.com

7 March 2008 – 4 October 2012

I've created my new blog at gbtran.com/blog so goodbye Blogspot! Please tune in there for all future news and announcements!

16 September 2012

Last week, I began my 36th year...

 ... and as a belated birthday gift, I built myself a brand spanking new website!

I've been chipping away at it in-between work and Iona [not] sleeping this past month—hence the lack of blog posts—so please celebrate with me by visiting gbtran.com and unwrapping version 3.0!

13 August 2012

Back on the airwaves!

I was recently interviewed on the venerable and prolific INKSTUDS—huge thanks to host Robin McConnell for inviting me! He's chatted with more cartoonists then you could seemingly listen to in a lifetime, and it's all archived online for your listening pleasure.

And here are more pages from the Rwanda project. The book's proposal includes 10 pages of finished artwork and two chapters' roughs shown earlier here and here.

06 August 2012

Sneak peek...

Here are pages from one of my long gestating book projects, a collaboration with psychologist and author Patricia Pasick. In 2008, she founded the organization Stories for Hope Rwanda, an intergenerational project that uncovers and preserves stories of the 1994 Genocide through conversations between youths and their elders. This book was initially conceived as an anthology, but ultimately morphed into one specific story of a surviver's search for his missing sister.

It's an incredible story, and I'm honored and deeply grateful for the trust that Patricia's placed in me to bring it to life as a comic. Conceived as a 2-color, 128 page book, we're putting on the proposal's finishing touches now so if by chance you're a publisher interested in reading the words that go in those balloons and learning more, please contact the book's rep, Bob Mecoy.

And in peripheral comics news, I'm psyched to announce that I'll be part of the Alt. Comics: Asian American Artists Reinvent the Comic Book exhibit opening next month at Manhattan's Museum of Chinese in America! Opening night is Thursday, September 27th, for those who like to plan ahead.

Last but not least, that fun live radio interview on Design*Sponge's AFTER THE JUMP mentioned a couple posts ago is now archived at Heritage Radio Network. If you're interested in the process behind VIETNAMERICA, give it a listen; I swear I default to talking about my baby only in the last 30 seconds.

30 July 2012

In my post-baby reality...

... any week where I can get this much comics done is a damn good week. (I can only get faster, right?) Now, on to coloring them!

22 July 2012

On the airwaves:

For folks looking' to break up their work Monday, tune into Design*Sponge's live radio show AFTER THE JUMP, tomorrow from 12-12:30 EST. I'll be this week's guest and chatting about VIETNAMERICA and beyond with host Grace Bonney! (Free streaming at Heritage Radio Network)

17 July 2012

The end of an era.

After attending for over 15 years and exhibiting for the last 6, this year was my farewell for the foreseeable future to San Diego Comic-con. Actually, last year was suppose to be my final cross country pilgrimage, but having been nominated for a 2012 Eisner, I dug deep—into my wallet, that is—for one last hurrah and to be in the room as Jonathan Ross succinctly captured the heart of doing reality comics (pardon the super nervous shaky cam):

As a consolation prize to being an Eisner non-winner, I was flabbergasted to discover that VIETNAMERICA was one of two graphic novels being discussed on an academic comics theory panel:

I went as an audience member, but when the panelists noticed I was there, I suddenly wound up on stage as part of the discussion with Keegan LannonJade Hidle, and freakin' SCOTT McCLOUD?!

I reread UNDERSTANDING COMICS every time I start a new project, so to unexpectedly be talking with him about VIETNAMERICA was an honor I'll be carrying to my deathbed.

So one redeye flight later, I'm back in Brooklyn and excited to get back to work. To me, the Eisner ceremony simultaneously marked the end of a long, unpredictable, wondrous, journey with VIETNAMERICA as well as beginning its new life in college and university classrooms and all the exciting opportunities that that entails: I'll be back to Davidson in September, then the University of Oregon and Connecticut in October, with Stanford in January and hopefully who-knows-where next? All while devoting every waking moment to new comic projects, illustration gigs, and watching life unfold through the eyes of this squeaky lil' porpoise:

09 July 2012

Bits 'n' pieces:

Some regular readers may recall that I have this morning ritual with emailing. Well, I've started tumblr-ing them to do my part in lowering the maturity and IQ of the internet at MorningIllustration.tumblr.com. Swing by to witness the phenomenal heights my art can achieve.

Elsewhere on the interwebs, thanks to the awesome gents behind the excellent THE SILENCE OF OUR FRIENDS—Mark Long and Nate Powell—for contributing a VIETNAMERICA-inspired guest strip to the equally awesome gents of UNSHELVED's artist book review segment:

It ran way back in February, but I only just found out about it recently. Blaming that faux pas on the whole "preparing for baby" thingy.  Okay, back to work:

02 July 2012

It's haaawwwttt!!!

In the midst of a country wide heatwave, here are some NYC-centric ink drawings for Aeropostale to help everybody get in that summer "out-of-office" mood.

Traditionally, deadlines slow down during the summer daze so my wife and I already squeezed in a nice vacation to Vermont for WANDERLUST. Actually, hard work for her... but still a vacation for me and the lil' lady! 

She's the blue dot standing at the very front of that room.

Why hike when there's a gondola?

Aw crap, there IS hiking after all!

That baby's gonna need a bigger bed.

26 June 2012

Channeling my fanboy:

Here's a recent comic-tastic mash-up private commission... for a couple's wedding anniversary?! These are always extra fun when they're for such a very unique and intimate purpose.  Sketch > ink > tones: